Wonki Ware Large Salad Bowl - Turquoise Wash

Wonki Ware Large Salad Bowl - Turquoise Wash

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The large salad bowl in a turquoise wash finish. 

The Wonki Ware salad bowls are unique in every way. They are hand-made and organically shaped, and each bowl is painted by hand. But what makes them unlike any salad bowl you've ever owned is the fact that they genuinely make the simplest food look so much more beautiful.

The large salad bowl is generously shaped and so versatile it can be used for almost anything, but it's in its element when serving up a large leafy green salad or maybe a  spaghetti carbonara feast that the whole family can dig into. It's also a lovely way to serve up a pile of bread rolls alongside a simple soup supper. 

Product Information:


Large Plain Wash Wonki Ware Salad Bowl - size: 31 x 6.5cm

Please note that the above sizes are provided as a guideline only. Each Wonki Ware product is made by hand so the shapes and dimensions will vary slightly from bowl to bowl.


The salad bowl is a plain wash.

Colour: Turquoise

IMPORTANT: Due to the hand-made nature of Wonki Ware, no two pieces will ever be the same. There may be blemishes, colour differences, irregularities or bumps and curves in different places. This is what gives Wonki Ware its beauty and charm. It isn’t machine made, it isn’t uniformly produced but, in our opinion, the minor imperfections are what help to make it practically perfect.